We are living in a world which is simultaneously moving forwards and backwards, achieving ground-breaking research which shines new light on our history and claiming those facts to be conspiracy theories. It’s a world trapped in a form of cognitive dissonance – the thoughts do no longer match up with its actions.

Our goal is to showcase a younger generation’s experience of this conflicting world, to bring back a discussion of our perceived reality into literature.  The pieces will either tackle on subjects regarding politics, gender norms, identity, sexuality, childhood, environment, mental and physical illness, family and so forth. It’s a magazine dedicated to the juxtaposition of two perceptions.

There are no hidden fees for those who wish to submit to the magazine as it is a non-profit student lead project run on donations. We believe in the positive effects of globalization, and therefore encourage people from across the world to submit in order to foster a discussion of experience across cultural divides.

We are here to listen to each other, to share our thoughts and come together in one harmonious magazine.

The magazine is founded and run by Katrine Lynn Solvaag, who’s currently an MA student at the University of Kent.


As a student run magazine we believe in learning as we go, so if you have any feedback or ideas regarding how your reading experience could be enhanced we welcome your comments with open arms and open minds.

Similarly, if you have any questions, comments or inquires regarding how or what to submit, send us a quick message!

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