Pomegranate Seeds

Kathryn Lambert


In his thin hands,
all sinew and bone,
the King of the Dead holds
his future.
He devours the sight
of his rosy Spring bride
and presents the fruit to her
from across the marriage bed.

The guts of the pomegranate shine
between her slender fingers.
She gazes up from under dusted eyelashes,
lust hanging from her lips,
crushed as she pops the first seed
between her teeth.

Are you sure? he stammers.

She slips the second seed between her lips and
crawls closer.
The sleeve of her dress slips down
to reveal the heartbreaking curve
of her pale shoulders.

You are light and life, while I can
offer you nothing but darkness.

She wipes the blood away from her mouth and
swallows the third seed.
He seizes her hands
and sucks the juice from her fingers
one by one.

Am I truly what you want?

She kisses him,
with none of the gentleness of
blooming flowers.

Their clothes fall away,
spiraling down
like leaves
from the autumn trees.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

Originally published in the Tarrant County College literary magazine Under the Clocktower in Fall of 2015.

Kathryn Lambert is currently attending UNT and majoring in both Theater and English. Her ultimate dream is to become a teacher with the Department of Defense and travel all over the world. In her writing, Kathryn tries to evoke the deep and broad emotions that are quintessential part of the human experience. Unsurprisingly, she draws a lot of inspiration from ancient sources like mythology.