How to dismantle a windmill

Nelson Brooks


First you stop the wind,
ask the gods to hold their breathing,
stop the soaring sails from speaking
the silence in the seasons.

Next you stop the corn,
no more meshing of cogs,
no more grinding of steel teeth,
the cold mill stones stand sentry; blow a horn

across the land; invoke a flare,
blades consumed in signal fire,
the tower falls, victim of no revolution,
when peasants beg; offer no solution.

Put the keeper out to pasture,
he made your bread,
you grind his bones.
The wind returns to banish his ashes.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

Nelson Brooks is a poet and novelist, who published his first novel Rules for a born again bachelor in 2016.  He works in the City of London and blogs on horse racing and information security.  His next two novels are in draft and relate to a murder and a bank robbery.  In the online world he likes to reflect on current media stories through the medium of Haiku.