Emily Buck


When she’s alone her heart rests in her hands

Her aching fingers tremble with its pulsing waves

          Alive and Cold

Strings pull her masquerade downwards

Heavy from struggle against the endless race

          Pressured and Worn

A prism of truth drips from her eyes

The crowded chaos below turns to blurred identical hues

          Combustion and Smog

Solitude grants silence from the world’s shiny façade

Where she unwraps her bones buried beneath silken weaves

          Chipped and Brittle

Not always has she been a fabrication of society

Oblivious and new she once wandered

          Lilies and Snow

What she would give to return to that spring

Reborn anew

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

Emily Buck is an undergraduate student from Memorial University, marketing intern, and writer. Emily frequently turns to fantastical worlds in her stories and poems, her largest project being her young adult fantasy series entitled The Legacy of Lords. With a dream of one day becoming a full time author, Emily spends her spare time submerging herself within the realms of reading and writing. Contact at