Virgin Soup

Angela Owens


She was a virgin. He was a virgin.
30 minutes it took you to undo my bra,
but it was cute, we were virgin soup.
We slopped our way through first kisses,
as we brought the soup to a boil.
I stared at the moon as you tasted me.
I asked if I needed to add anything
and you whispered that it was perfect.


You slipped in
I slipped out


Waiting for the soup to be done,
he rolled over and pointed to a star,
and said, that it was ours.
I turned the soup down to a simmer.
The virgin soup was done,
and lasted us three months.

Image from Pixabay.

Image from Pixabay.

Previously published in the UKCCWS Illustrated Anthology Vol. 4 (2017).

Angela Owens is currently living wild and a free after just graduating from Uni with a degree in Theatre and Drama. Currently she is working on getting down and dirty with some song writing and a poetry chapbook collection which she hopes to have done by 2018. Her poem 'Pool Jets’ will be published in the up and coming 'I Speak My Truth' zine which will be available in July 2017. She is inspired by nature and the small moments in life that go unnoticed. Follow her writing journey on Facebook at