One-sided Conversations

Lilly Hamon


In this scene I sit at your grave, 
and put a flower in the vase that your mother uses.
Cold gravel crackles under my feet;
I hope your mother is okay. 
I look at the old picture of your face, 
the you that isn’t silver dust
and I ask you, 
do you think it’s possible to fall out of love with the dead?
This is just a scene I play in my head
because it’s disrespectful to tell the dead
that the world has kept on moving. 
I place a lipstick kiss on grey-veined marble
and say, 
sometimes I think they took you
so that I could find where I needed to go
they chopped away my roots to make me weightless enough
to drift away from this place. 

You don’t tell the dead these things. 

(Perhaps, I tell you as I feel you reading over my shoulder
this is what it feels like to reach the end of grief. 
Perhaps I haven’t fallen out of love; 
you’ve just become less of a centre-point, 
and more of a companion.)

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

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Lilly is a freelance writer, editor and artist who loves working on new projects and keeps forgetting to look for a Real Job. She is writing two novels at the moment and trying to find the time to get better at art along the way. You can contact her at or commission some artwork from her at