Two Grams

Stephanie Luka


I dream of a castle filled with live
skeletons of starved inmates;
the remnant of a teen
asks me for a piece of gum
in hopes of keeping his
sister alive.

I wonder if he will make
her swallow it. Or perhaps,
when she spits it out, he will
ingest it himself; steal
back those wetted, chewed-up,
grey grams of false hope
to chew on and let settle stickily
within his withering stomach.

 Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

Stephanie Luka was born in 1997 to a Dutch mother and a Congolese father. She discovered her fascination with the arts only after quitting her career as a professional gymnast and entering the University of Amsterdam at the age of sixteen. Her work emanates mostly from dreams; it strives to acknowledge and interpret these fragmentary, illogical shards of truth, and make them into something that is a just a little more exoteric and relevant than they were before. Five of her poems have recently been published in the debut print issue of Allegory Ridge.