Laura Kestrel


The clouds kiss in storms
Bending together like light
Soaked by proud thunder.

Envious rain starts
The lightning with its Triton
Shrinks the clouds’ power.

Fire fading to a spark
After lightning bolts in the dark
An ardent warrior, basked in speed.


Sketch-book illustration by Laura Kestrel

Sketch-book illustration by Laura Kestrel

A West-country girl at heart, Laura’s poetry is inspired and enriched by her experience of growing up in Cornwall – the beautiful, sometimes mythical landscape as well as the not-so-beautiful realities of life. Poetry has provided her with a way of expressing herself that no other medium quite could, especially during those turbulent pubescent years. 2016 turned out to be quite a turning point for Laura, in various ways, as she lifted her pen from the page and took her poems with her to the stage. She has just finished her BA in French and History at the University of Kent, where the final year was spent writing and performing her poetry as much as possible, something she hopes to continue pursuing during the next chapter of her life.