Se Acaban Los Pesares

Katrine Lynn Solvaag



we count the seconds like they’re gems
pray for them to cleanse the hurt
like dirt washed from an open cut
somewhat half-healed


so we yield our drinks and clink the glass
celebrating that at last we can begin anew
as lines of cobalt blue begin to etch
across the sky


tracing the outline of lies and truths gone by
renewing the possibility of recreating our identity
bringing serenity to our weathered hearts
as we prepare for a new start

porque el año que viene, se acaban los pesares



 Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

Inspired by Tania de Venezuela's song 'Parranda de Navidad'

Katrine Lynn Solvaag is an MA Creative Writing student at the University of Kent where she also completed her BA in English and American Literature and Creative Writing. For two years she was the university’s Creative Writing Society’s president, lead organizer of the Full English Festival, and editor-in-chief for the society’s annual illustrated anthology. She’s a performance poet based in Kent, and has performed at an array of festivals ranging from Wise Words to Brighton Fringe. In addition to this, Katrine is also the co-founder of the online based Sunday Kitchen Session, as well as being the founder of Dissonance Magazine.